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The Dunham Trail, named in  honor of Dr. Ann Dunham, follows along the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook between Grove Street and Spring Avenue. 
About the Ridgewood Wildscape Association
The Ridgewood Wildscape Association was formed in 1976 as a living memorial to Dr. Ann Dunham, who was a Ridgewood resident for 60 years and a nature consultant for the public schools.  The purposes of the Association are:1. to promote, in cooperation with the Village of Ridgewood and the Board of Education, the preservation and maintenance of undeveloped Village-owned land; 2. to provide nature education services and enjoyment for all Village residents and friends; 3. to act as guardians of the undeveloped areas in the Village by encouraging residents to use the "wild" areas for birding, picnics and walks, and to experience the varied flora and fauna in each area in order to understand the value of open space. . 
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Progress!  One of our most neglected wildscape areas, King's Pond, is finally getting some attention and the beginnings of remediation.  Resident George Shabet has been asking for help for his neighborhood for decades, and things just got worse and worse. Finally, Wildscape was able to help with one small part, hoping this will start a chain of improvements.  Our ecologist, Jean Epiphan, contacted a NJ Department of Environmental Protection sponsored expert in invasive plant management.  The aptly named group:  Black Lagoon, will be treating the noxious knotweed along one section of King's in four separate seasonal visits. Our knowledgeable Village Engineer confirmed the effectiveness of the program.  The new council members agreed that the town has to help restore its natural resource areas and neighborhoods.  For too long, residents of Lakeview have seen the degradation of their pond.   Members, do yourselves a favor, if you have never been to King's Pond, please do go and visit.  It is along Lakeview Avenue, off Lake Street.  It connects to Gypsy Pond by means of a broken dam. Thank you George, Jeannie, and our Ridgewood Council for starting this improvement.
Spring, 2012- The RWA brochure includes photographs, descriptions and maps of each of its wildscape areas. Free copies of the brochure are available at these locations:Lester Stable, Village Hall or by contacting us. 
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