Midday sun at Dunham Photo by JsD
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The Dunham Trail, named in  honor of Dr. Ann Dunham, follows along the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook between Grove Street and Spring Avenue. 
About the Ridgewood Wildscape Association
The Ridgewood Wildscape Association was formed in 1976 as a living memorial to Dr. Ann Dunham, who was a Ridgewood resident for 60 years and a nature consultant for the public schools.  The purposes of the Association are:1. to promote, in cooperation with the Village of Ridgewood and the Board of Education, the preservation and maintenance of undeveloped Village-owned land; 2. to provide nature education services and enjoyment for all Village residents and friends; 3. to act as guardians of the undeveloped areas in the Village by encouraging residents to use the "wild" areas for birding, picnics and walks, and to experience the varied flora and fauna in each area in order to understand the value of open space. . 
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DUES are DUE:  our same membership :  $5 per year, a real bargain.  Please mail to: Andy Antista, Pres. Ridgewood Wildscape Assn. 139 Liberty St., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 We had a very destructive bit of vandalism this past month; either one or several people removed the Dunham Trail wooden sign from the Spring St. entrance.  This took a lot of work and tools, as the signs was double bolted. This really hurts, folks....Connor Pechko worked very hard for his Eagle project and not only planted, but installed two signs with posts cemented in the ground. So we have to get a new sign, and maybe put crazy glue or that same exploding powder the FBI uses for bank notes on the replacement!   Anyway, we have some good walks planned, and hopefully a wonderful project at King's Pond! Think NATIVE.... Enjoy the summer.. Ellie G.
Spring, 2012- The RWA brochure includes photographs, descriptions and maps of each of its wildscape areas. Free copies of the brochure are available at these locations:Lester Stable, Village Hall or by contacting us. 
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To join, please send a $5.00 annual family membership fee to: Andrew Antista 139 Liberty Street Ridgewood, N. J. 07450
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